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Add Colour, Length & Volume with Balmain Hair Extensions at Cheynes Hairdressing Salons in Edinburgh 

Adding length and volume to your hair has never been so quick, easy and affordable. 

Cheynes Hairdressing salons in Edinburgh have two dedicated salons that specialise in the art of Système Volume hair extensions from Balmain – a new concept in super fast bonded hair extension services. Available in a range of sumptuous colours, lengths and textures, our hair extensions are the finest human hair extensions around.

Hair Extensions Consultations at the Top Salons in Edinburgh

Système Volume is a complete and unique concept offering endless possibilities for every desired hair style, starting with a personalised consultation at our Lothian Road and Bruntsfield Avenue hair salons in Edinburgh.

It is five times faster than traditional bonding systems and two hair types are available to offer the perfect, individual solution. Why not book a free expert hair extension consultation and take the first step to added length and a full-bodied glamorous look?

Let’s talk about the look you’re after. We can add volume, increase density and lengthen your hair. Balmain gives us the creativity to give you the hair you have always wanted.

Hair extensions at top hair salon in Edinburgh

Visit The Top Salon in Edinburgh For Hair Extensions

There are lots of extensions available from inexpensive clip-in hair that can be bought over the counter, to luxurious collections like Balmain. We chose Balmain because the quality of hair is exceptional, the methods of adding extensions to natural hair are gentle, the effect is stunning because the extension sits so comfortably with your own hair, the maintenance is simple and the lifespan of the hair is the best we have ever come across.

Looking For The Best Hair Extensions in Edinburgh?

Over 40 years ago, Balmain Hair set out a mission: to source, select and process the best hair extensions in the world. The dedicated Balmain Hair team will not rest until our and your hair is perfect: the highly experienced hair extension specialists train, educate, promote the Balmain Hair ethos in over 50 countries worldwide. There is a reason why Balmain Hair is the only company in the world which gives a 6-month hair quality guarantee on human hair extensions. 

Read our Guide to Hair Extensions.

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Caring For Your Hair Extensions At Home

To restore the condition of the natural hair and to maintain the quality of the Volume+ extensions, a superior hair care line for two different hair types has been developed.

This perfect home care is absolutely essential to keep your hair extensions in top condition – ask your Cheynes stylist for more information during your next visit. 

Two of our salons have ‘Hair Extension Specialists’ as part of the team. Please call either of these salons for expert advice, on what would be right for you…

George Street 0131 220 0777 or York Place 0131 558 1010 

Hair Extensions Prices in Edinburgh

Please book in for a hair extensions consultation at our Cheynes Hair Salons in Lothian Road or Bruntsfield Avenue in Edinburgh.  We will assess your hair, discuss your needs and give you a no-obligation consultation for your hair extensions.  Rest assured that our hair extensions are the best quality and we always do our best to keep our hair extensions prices at an affordable rate.