Hair Colour

Vibrant Hair Colour at Cheynes Hairdressing Salons in Edinburgh

At Cheynes Hairdressing Salons in Edinburgh, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke, stunning hair colour for men and women using the latest range of professional colours from Wella.

We also use and sell to salons the brilliant Clipmeche hair highlighting system which gives clients highlights that are incredibly close to the roots, giving them longer-lasting results.

With colour experts in all five of our Edinburgh salons, it's fair to say we have the highest levels of technical colour expertise, creativity and personal hair consultants waiting to deliver exceptional hair colour for each client.

You can book  your hair colour appointment by calling your local Cheynes hair salon using the links below:

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Personalised Hair Colouring From The Experts

We offer personalised colour to enhance your hairstyle, natural hair colour, gently cover grey hair, or create an amazing new look. Using permanent or semi-permanent professional hair colour, your Cheynes colourist will leave your hair in great condition with a long-lasting shine.

Every member of our prestigious Cheynes Colour Directors Degree team have completed a 'Colour Directors Degree' so have undergone the most thorough colour training possible, and are often called upon to teach their skills to experienced hairdressers throughout the UK.

You can rest assured that your colourist will be using the latest and most advanced colour treatments and techniques during your hair colour service.

Finding Your Perfect Hair Colour at Edinburgh's Top Salons

Whether you want to try a completely new colour, add some depth and texture with a balayage look, or you've always been a bit colour-shy and just want advice from a top colourist - we invite you to a complimentary hair colour consultation with one of our Master Colour Experts.

Understanding your hair type, style, skin tone and lifestyle will allow our expert team to give the best hair colour advice and results.

Please note: If you have not had your hair coloured with us before or it has been six months since your last hair colour appointment, you must come in for a quick and simple skin sensitivity test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

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Hair Colour 101: Colouring Techniques Explained

With so many amazing hair colour techniques available, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming as to what each service entails. Find out more about hair colour terminology below...


Usually used to lighten the hair, but can also be used to add rich brown tones, pastels, or even vibrant colours. For touching up the roots of already coloured hair or lightening a darker base. Looks natural as the colour grows out as there is no definite line between colour and regrowth. Can be used with one or more colours depending on the look you are going for.


When you’ve had your hair pre-lightened, highlighted or had a full head of colour, it’s always recommended that you use a toner on the hair as it naturalises any yellow/brassy tones. To get a cool ash blonde, you need to lift with pre-lightener to the correct level then tone to neutralise and get the correct tone. Which is why we call it a toner.

Colour Glossing

Preferably used on virgin or coloured hair on a similar base shade without grey to create tone and shine. Leaves a glossy finish and can add depth or richness to the colour.


A technique of lightening the hair and leaving a darker base so you can see the transition from dark to light, or dark to pastel.


Similar to ombré, but looks more subtle, natural and blended. Harder to detect the transition from dark to light, as the dark has light scattered through.

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Cheynes Clipmeche Highlighting System

Clipmeche is an environmentally friendly highlighting system which gives outstanding close to the root results, therefore offering excellent value for money. Our very own Jennifer Cheyne launched Clipmeche to the hairdressing industry so please get in touch with us if you would like to purchase this fantastic system.

Call Richard Chatham on 01204 592 611 / 07971 729 233. Price per pack £68 (VAT not applicable.)

Check out this recent client testimonial...

"While in Edinburgh recently on business, I decided that my hair colour desperately needed doing. I was recommended to visit Cheynes Hairdressing on George Street. After my consultation with one of the colour team, she suggested that I try their highlighting system called ‘Clipmeche’. As I normally have my highlights done using tinfoil I was a bit unsure, but took their advice.

"I was also informed about the environmental credentials of the product, which is important to me too. When she put the Clipmeche in it felt really secure, which gave me confidence. She was also able to apply three different colours which really excited me. After the Clipmeche was taken out and the stylist started to dry my hair I couldn’t believe how close the colour was to the root.

"With other methods I often felt the need to have it re-done after a couple of weeks. With Clipmeche, I no longer have that feeling, as after two weeks my hair looks like it has just been coloured. So no more tinfoil for me! I’m now a devoted Clipmeche fan and I visit Cheynes every time I’m back in Edinburgh."

Hair Colour Correction

We are also experts at correcting hair colour disasters you may have experienced through home dye kits or elsewhere. Check out our hair colour correction page here.