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System Professional, one of our premium in-salon and retail brands is a diagnostic range that delivers optimum hair and scalp care.

A healthy, resilient and moisturized scalp is very important and the ‘Balance’ collection has been specifically developed with mild formulations that are free from artificial colourants.

Each product in the range helps maintain the skin’s protective acid mantle (this is the skin’s natural protective barrier) and has been developed in cooperation with dermatologists. The range has been tested for skin tolerance and effectiveness on sensitive skin and the shampoo is pH neutral.

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Balance Shampoo: Gently cares for scalp with a skin-friendly pH. A gentle surfactant system and calming ingredients moisturize the hair and scalp without drying it further. Can be used daily.

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Balance Mask: An intense weekly treatment that deeply moisturizes the scalp and relieves discomfort with a soothing Dermacalm Complex. It strengthens the skin‘s protective barrier, whilst hair conditioning active ingredients leave a soft touch to the hair.

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Balance Energy Serum: Clinically proven and patented formula strengthens hair and makes thin hair stronger when used 3 times a week. The special Energizing Complex with caffeine, biotin, lauric acid and vitamins increases the supply of nutrients to the hair and makes thin hair stronger. With EnergyCode™ Complex for hair & scalp full of energy.

Used as a regular cleansing programme, System Professional will help alleviate all the symptoms associated with dry, flaky and sensitive scalps whilst maintaining the condition of the hair.

Debris that accumulates on the surface of the scalp, skin cells, excess product and air born pollutants are gently removed leaving a clean and hydrated scalp. Energy Serum helps anchor hair in the root making fine hair feel stronger and more resilient.

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If you have any concerns about your hair or scalp then ask your Cheynes hairdresser for advice. System Professional has been a tried and trusted favourite of ours for many years and the teams in each of our salons are all fully competent in the understanding of this very special product range.


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