New Year Resolutions

What's Your New Year Resolution?  How About A Hair Makeover at Cheynes?!

GOLDEN BLONDE HAIR COLOUR BEST HAIR SALONS IN EDINBURGHBy mid-February most of us have broken our New Year's Resolutions... so why not have a resolution that you can actually keep!?  If you've had the same hairstyle for years, why not change your hairstyle for 2022? A makeover is a great New Year's resolution that is easy to achieve.

A new look can give you a big boost in confidence which often has a knock-on effect in other areas.  Who knows, you may find the confidence to go out more, apply for that promotion, or join a fitness class!

Our Edinburgh hair experts understand which hairstyles suit different face shapes and which hair colours will lsuit your skin tone.  Your stylist will listen and advise you on some hairstyles that will suit you and your sense of style.

Whatever your needs, we can help you achieve the hair you've been dreaming of.  Give us a call on the links below to book in for your hair makeover.

Weird & Wonderful Hair Facts

Did you know...?

  • A healthy strand of hair can stretch an extra 30% when it's wet.  So take care when brushing or combing through wet locks!
  • Your hair grows slightly faster in warm weather because heat stimulates your circulation which encourages your hair to grow.
  • Give a strand of your hair - with the follicle attached - and a forensic scientist could find out lots about you including your ancestry, parental lineage and even some medical information. 
  • Men's and women's hair are identical in structure.
  • Red is the rarest hair colour with only about 1 per cent of the world's population being red-heads.  Black is the most common hair colour with around 80% having black or dark hair.  As for real blondes - there are about two per cent.
  • Hair can grow anywhere on the human body with the exception of the palms of hands, soles of feet, eyelids, lips, and mucous membranes.
  • Blondes have the most number of hair strands.  Redheads have the least number. 
  • At any given time, 90 per cent of the hairs in your scalp are growing.  The remaining 10 per cent are in their resting phase.
  • A single hair has a life span of approximately five years.