New Vibrant Hair Colours at Cheynes

We are very excited about a new colour range from Wella Professionals coming soon to Cheynes.

Colour Fresh CREATE is a complete semi-permanent [expressive] colour palette with 12 specially crafted pure vibrant shades and one clear shade.

Color Fresh CREATE can be intermixed creating fabulous pastel shades and truly bespoke colours that fade out true to tone, which means these semi-permanent colours gradually wash out from your hair (depending on overall condition) without losing the shade values, for example if you opted for High Magenta, the result will be as intense or subtle as you want and as it fades away gradually the colour will always retain its magenta hue.


With 12 shades and a clear in the range, Colour Free Create opens up the doors to never ending creativity for you, and for your Cheynes stylist.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 08.59.57

We can't wait for this fabulous new addition to our colour portfolio to arrive, and we are looking forward to sharing our excitement, creating bespoke colours and inspiring you with Colour Fresh CREATE.