Introducing ELEVEN Australia

Check Out The New ELEVEN Australia Hair Care & Styling Products at Cheynes Hair Salons in Edinburgh

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA HAIR STYLING PRODUCTS, CHEYNES HAIR SALONS, EDINBURGHWe are delighted to offer the fantastic ELEVEN Australia haircare and styling products at selected Cheynes hair salons in Edinburgh.

The product range includes shampoos and conditioners to add body, moisture or to control frizz and safeguard your hair colour, hairsprays, dry shampoo, curl defining cream, shine serums, texture sprays and styling clays, pomades, creams and mousses. 

These are now available to purchase from our Lothian Road, George Street, Bruntsfield Avenue and West End hair salons in Edinburgh. 

Please take some time to talk to your stylist about what these wonderful products can do for your hair.

eleven australia hair products, edinburgh