Hair: Outer Structure

Did you know that hair is made up of three specific parts. The Cuticle, the Cortex and The Medulla. The Cuticle is the outer structure and it has some very important functions. Shine, if the cuticle layer is healthy, hair naturally reflect light bounces creating shine. If the cuticle layer is unhealthy light refracts from the structure and hair looks dull.








Protection, the cuticle protects the inner structure of the hair, this is where all of the protein and moisture are found, it's also where natural colour is! If the cuticle is damaged, moisture can escape making hair feel dry, proteins break down which makes hair weaker and more prone to breakage. Colour can be affected by broken cuticle layers, natural colour loses it's shine and artificial colours can fade much quicker.








The cuticle looks like fish scales, or roof tiles, usually between 6 and 13 layers in depth and when they are compact and healthy they provide support for the inner structure and make (your) hair look very shiny and healthy.

Damage can happen to the cuticle layers through a variety of external factors. The weather, heat from the sun, the wind, both can break down the structure. Central heating is a major factor in the drying out of the layers of cuticle. Combing, brushing, blow-drying, home colouring, straightening, all play a major role in damaging the structure.

But, it's not all doom and gloom!

At Cheynes, we use the very best products and equipment to help you keep your hair in fabulous condition. Products, shampoo, conditioner, treatments, styling and finishing aids can help protect your hair from external influences.

Our stylists and colour specialists understand how to use colour to eliminate issues that can occur when it is applied incorrectly, and with the introduction of Olaplex we have an even greater opportunity to maintain your coloured hair in tip top condition: read about it here:

Our in  salon products and your home-care recommendations are all designed to look after your hair, this includes our brushes, dryers and straighteners.

The good news is that technologies and innovations in products means that they can physically help restore and protect damaged hair and help rebuild and restore and, even in the most sever cases, protect the hair structure. Ask your Cheynes stylist about the best products for your hair and take care of your cuticle.

Don't suffer  from split ends and dull hair, we are here to help you understand how products can help you have healthy and shiny hair.

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