Hair: Inner structure

Hair is an incredible fabric, it is intricate and complex and can do some amazing things!  Here we look at the inner structure. The Cortex makes up the bulk of human hair. It looks complicated with all of its different protein elements and cells, but ultimately, to simplify it, it is a rope-like structure that contains 80% of the hairs components.








Moisture: this keeps hair supple and smooth, a healthy moisture content allows the hair to be manipulated and  moulded into shape through blow drying and setting.

Proteins: hair is (in its most basic form) a collection of proteins that help give strength and stability to the structure. Similar in form to rope, it is lots of tiny thread like strands combining to create something strong that can withstand almost everything we do to it, within reason of course! Did you know, human hair has a greater tensile strength than the huge cables supporting the Forth Road Bridge!








Colour: Our natural hair colour is found in the Cortex. We all have a fine blend of Black, Brown, Red and Yellow pigment in our hair, irrespective of the shade we see. Our hair colour is as unique as our fingerprints, and it's the blend of natural pigments that creates this. When we colour hair we use the natural tones to enhance the shade or we neutralise them to create something different. Grey hair isn't actually grey, it's colourless and the 'grey' we see is light fracturing as it hits the hair creating the illusion of colour. White hair isn't white, it is colourless and the reason it looks so is because light is bouncing off it creating a true shine reflection.

Sounds complicated, and it is! But here at Cheynes we understand fully what natural colour is and what we can do to enhance it.

The Cortex is prone to damage when the outer structure (cuticle) of the hair isn't healthy. A breakdown of the moisture or protein leads to hair being lifeless, dull, lacking in volume and body and can lead to colour fade.

That's why our product collections are designed to maintain hair in the very best of condition. Our colour services are created to work gently in the hair and not damage the structure, this ensures your colour stays vibrant and healthy.

Ask your Cheynes stylist about products that help replenish and regenerate your hair's natural goodness.