Hair Facts


Blow-drying and styling your hair works by changing hydrogen bonds (inside the hair structure) which help alter the shape. Water also affects the hydrogen bonds, that's why humidity has an adverse effect on your hair.


Hair is not a living structure, the only part of the structure that is 'living' is the bulb which is inside the scalp.


Shampoo (as we know it in liquid form) was introduced into the marketplace in 1952. Prior to the launch shampoo came in block form like soap.

soap-1509963_960_720Your hair is made up of approximately 50% carbon, 20% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen, and 5% sulphur. Hair also has trace elements of magnesium, arsenic, iron, chromium plus additional minerals and metals. (and here's you thinking it was just hair!!)

stones-2426730_960_720Sad but true, all the research that has been carried out about hair proves that it becomes drier with age. (Fortunately Cheynes have lots of fabulous products to help combat that problem).

grandmother-2428022_960_720We are closer to our animal relations than we think. Great apes and humans both have about 5 million hair follicles. We can't help but wonder why we don't look as hairy?

gorilla-2554862_960_720In 1928 Brylcreem was launched. The first men's grooming product was a blend of mineral oil, beeswax and water. Styling products have come a long way since then but Brylcreem is still an immensely popular product.