Extensions For Fine Hair

Transform Fine Hair With Extensions At Cheynes Hairdressing Salons In Edinburgh

hair extensions for fine hair, the best hair salons for hair extensions in Edinburgh city centreHave you always wanted thicker, fuller hair?

Hair extensions are a great way to add volume if you have fine hair, so why not book a consultation at your local Cheynes hair extensions salon in Lothian Road or Bruntsfield Avenue, Edinburgh?

Both salons specialise in hair extensions, which are available in a wide range of sumptuous colours, lengths and textures, and are considered the finest human hair extensions around.



Hair Extensions for Women with Fine Hair

Of course, we all know that hair extensions are a brilliant way to lengthen hair, but they are also a great way to thicken fine hair. This makes them a good option for women of all ages who have fine hair.

Plus, today's hair extensions are relatively low maintenance so you can continue with your usual styling routine, with natural looking human hair extensions in place.

Boost Fine Hair With Taped Extensions 

Taped hair extensions are a good way to add volume to fine hair.  These extensions are quick to apply, affordable and can last up to eight weeks.  They can also be perfectly blended with your own hair, matching your colour, hair type and texture.

The application process is much faster than with our bonded hair extensions service too.  We apply the taped extensions around both sides of sections of your own hair using discreet, flat tape.  It is applied with zero damage to your hair or scalp.  Over time your hair will grow and the tapes will, therefore, either need to be replaced or removed.  

What You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Your own hair must be at least 4 inches long for us to be able to apply taped hair extensions. We can apply any number of extensions from two upwards.  The average number is between 10 and 20. We can also match all types of hair, no matter what the colour or texture.

Rest assured, your hair extensions specialists will make sure you fully understand what is required to keep your hair extensions looking their best.  

Book Your Hair Extensions Consultation at Cheynes Hairdressing Salons in Edinburgh

Please book in for a hair extensions consultation at our Lothian Road or Bruntsfield Avenue hair salons so we can get you started on your journey to thicker, fuller hair.  You can book online or give your chosen salon a call using the links below.