Casual Messy Waves

Sometimes it's nice to have hair that looks 'undone'. Cool & Casual hair looks like you have just strolled along a beach, the salt in the air creates a dishevelled boho feel to your locks.










Unstructured but stylish, Cool & Casual hair is a combination of loose formed waves and texture that looks effortless and sophisticated in equal parts.










With celebrities embracing a more looser structure to their styles, the must have blow dry for the festive season might well prove to be our fantastic take on boho curls.









Ideal for longer length hair with a few layers in it, this shape is easy to manage and easy to maintain, a spritz of hairspray occasionally will keep it in place all night (good news, we stock handbag sizes in our salons).













If you are heading out for a night out on the town and are wanting your hair to look like you just came back from a sunny break, all carefree and nonchalant, then book into your Cheynes salon and let us recreate that wonderful 'Cool & Casual' holiday hair moment for you.








Our new Blow Dry Bar Service is proving to be a great addition to the services we offer in our salons. We hope you find the experience an enjoyable one that makes your hair look fabulous every time you are heading out into the city .... which of course most of us will be doing more frequently over the coming weeks.