The Next Hair Colour Trends

Pantone, the global authority on colour, and a Cheynes favourite inspiration website has predicted colours that we can expect to see as high fashion in 2018.

YES, we are only half way through 2017 but already some key colours are being mooted as 'must have' for the start of next year.



Rose is going to be a major influence on everything and with the variety of shades and tones Mother Nature provides us with this soft and delicate colour family will be very popular with blondes wanting a hint of warmth in their hair. The variety of colours, from baby pink to dusky gold creates a fabulous palette for toning lightened hair. Rose will also be an interesting alternative for full head blondes and for adding interesting and unique shades to greying hair.



Terracotta is also a major influence and we can expect to see lots of earthy tones influencing fabrics and patterns, especially in furniture.  Interestingly enough the combination of Rose and Terracotta will be very popular, this is an update on the recent trend for contrasting colours working together to create a new feel to the way colours compliment each other. The myriad of TerraCotta shades will make copper and rustic hair shades  shimmer with varying depths, from the palest of Amber to the deepest Burnt Orange tones.



Used correctly any shade of Yellow adds a sense of warmth and can be very up-lifting. In hair colour we tend to shy away from too much Yellow colour as most clients prefer cleaner blondes, but used in subtle ways Corn Yellow can can add an expensive flavour to highlights, ombre and balayage techniques. It's not for everyone but it has a role to play in high end fashion, be it a piece of furniture or a woven slice through a head of hair Yellow will be a must have in one form or another.



An interesting gemstone, Tourmaline has multi faceted colours that range from Black through to Pale Pink, and it is this characteristic that makes it a fashion staple for next year. Fabrics will be iridescent, patterns will shimmer with differing colours, and for hair the possibilities are endless. Creating multi coloured hair techniques that appear to change tone as the style moves offers an exciting addition to the myriad of techniques available in the colouring of hair.

Let's enjoy the summer and settle into Autumn 2017 and then when the bells ring out as 2018 begins, at least we all have an inclination as to what might be the colours we here at Cheynes are creating for you.

With thanks to Pantone for the inspiration and Pixabay for the images.