Celebrity Hairstyles For The Over 40s

Get The Best From Ageing Hair At Cheynes Hair Salon In Edinburgh

You may find as you get older that the same hairstyle you’ve had for years no longer suits you anymore, or you may just want to get out of your rut and try something new! At Cheynes Hair Salon in Edinburgh, we’re dedicated to helping age gracefully by finding the perfect hairstyle to suit you to keep you looking stylish as you get older.

You can even look and feel younger when you have the right haircut and colour! Our skilled stylists will assess your face shape, personality and style during a consultation, so make sure to book in for a consultation to find a hairstyle for over 40s that is suited to you.

Whether you’re looking for a modern hairstyle to make your look a little more up-to-date, or you want a fabulous new hair colour to blend away any pesky grey hairs, at Cheynes Hairdressing Salon in Edinburgh we can do it all! If you’re looking for some inspiration, our expert team have even created a list of the top celebrity hairstyles for women over 40

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Casual Wavy Hairstyle

Would it surprise you if we told you that Michelle Pfeiffer is 63? It surprised us! A great way to keep you looking young like Michelle is to have a great hairstyle that suits you. Simple wavy hairstyles are the perfect way to give your hair some volume and also frame your face in a flattering way.

Layers and waves can transform your hairstyle as they can help create a more youthful and fun look. For hair that looks as fantastic as Pfeiffer’s, our expert stylists can recommend the perfect products for your hair type. At Cheynes Hair & Beauty Salon, we offer a range of the best hair products to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Read more about our amazing range of products here.

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Helen Mirren can do it all, as she goes gorgeously grey and shows off a stylish short hairstyle suited to women over 50! Whether you want to go grey gracefully or cover up your grey hair, short haircuts are perfect for any older woman. Our expert stylists are highly trained in the latest precision cutting techniques so that they can style your short hairdo to suit you and flatter your features and face shape! Short hair is also a great way to keep your hair looking healthy.

With so many different short hairstyles to choose from, such as the cropped haircut, pixie haircut or bob, we’re sure to find the perfect short haircut for you. Our skilled stylists will show you how to style your new short hairdo to suit you and can recommend the right hair products to use. Short hairstyles are versatile as they can be styled to look elegant and sophisticated or modern and edgy depending on what look you want.

Keep Your Curls Under Control Like Andie MacDowell

Your hair may become a little harder to tame as you get older, but this is normal! Learn how to tame your curls like Andie MacDowell, who looks fabulous with her curly hairstyle.

If you’re not sure how to keep your curls under control, at Cheynes Hair Salon in Edinburgh, we can help. We can recommend the perfect products for curly hair to achieve beautiful curls. We also offer hair treatments such as our Wella System Professional Treatments which can be tailored to help make your hair feel healthier and more manageable. To read more about the different hair treatments we offer, click here.

If your curly hair is becoming too unruly for you to deal with, then we also offer hair smoothing treatments that will not only make your hair more manageable but will also leave your hair feeling silky smooth. For more on our hair smoothing treatments, click here.

The Best Hair Colours For Middle-Aged Women

At Cheynes Hair & Beauty Salon, we are the hair colour experts in Edinburgh, which means we can create the perfect hair colour for you. Our expert colourists have the skills to blend away any pesky grey hairs you may want to cover as they are highly trained in the latest hair colouring techniques. We can cover grey hairs by blending them to match your natural hair colour, or if you want a completely different hair colour we can do that too!

You may think that fun fashion hair colours are not suitable for you as you’ve got older… But think again! Taraji P. Henson rocks a gorgeous plum balayage in her 50s and shows us how it's done. You’ll look just as fabulous as Taraji does, so if you want a vibrant hair colour like purple hair colour or pink hair colour – do it!

Best Haircuts & Colours For Over 40s At Cheynes Hair & Beauty Salon

No matter what your age is, you should always have a hairstyle that makes you feel amazing inside and out! At Cheynes Hair & Beauty Salon in Edinburgh, we’re here to help you find that haircut & colour that really makes you feel good. To begin your journey towards the perfect hairstyle that suits you, just book an appointment at your local Cheynes Hair Salon. To book your appointment you can either call your local salon or book using the pop-up button at the side of the page.