Braids & Buns

Dressy or Messy, however you wear your braids and buns, you are most definitely 'on trend'.

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The craze for casual braided and bun styles shows no sign of slowing down and celebrities are seen with their hair dressed in different ways more or less every day.  Sometimes the styles are loose braids, other times a soft bun is swept up. Whatever the style is it is effortless and stylish, that's why the trend is so hot right now.

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Our teams are ready to transform your hair for a night out, for that special occasion or because you just want to wear it up!

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So whatever takes your fancy, book into any of our city centre salons and take advantage of our fabulous 'Cheynes Experience Blow Dry Bar Service' and have the bun or braid you want when you want it.

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If you have an accessory you want adding into your bun or braid, our stylists will be more than happy to work around it!

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And lets not forget, children love being 'on trend' too, so if your daughter is off to a party then bring her along and let her enjoy the experience as well.

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Elegant, stylish and bespoke to you, your bun, your braid, will be exactly what you want. We love braiding and creating casual buns, so come along and take advantage of our fabulous walk in offers.

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The Cheynes experience Blow Dry Bar Service was created to take away the stress of you trying to make your hair look fabulous. leave it to the experts and look effortlessly stylish.

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We are here for you, ready to transform your day to day hairstyle into a high fashion braid or bun!

See you soon.