Being Blonde








Did you know that we all have the same four colour pigments naturally present in our hair, irrespective of how light or dark it naturally is.













All hair (apart from grey) contains elements of Black, Brown, Red and Yellow pigment, and similar to your fingerprint, each persons natural colour mix is unique to them.

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Natural colour pigment has to be taken into consideration every time hair is coloured, this is because artificial colourants work with the colours in your hair.

If, for example you have naturally dark brown hair, the pigment would be an even mix of each different colour, whereas naturally blonde hair has a very small amount of black, brown and red tones and a higher percentage of yellow.

When colouring hair, the objective, from a technical perspective is to either work with the natural colours, or remove them and replace with an artificial tone.










The fashion for ultra blonde, platinum hair is a challenge for hairdressers because when the hair lightens, black, brown and red pigments break down very easily but yellow is difficult to remove.

By the way, that’s why most home hair colours never turn out quite as blonde as they may look on the box, it’s because the yellow in natural hair hasn’t been counteracted by the colour in the tube. It takes a qualified hairdresser many years to understand what happens when artificial and natural colours blend together.

Here at Cheynes we use Wella Professional Koleston Perfect, one of the worlds leading permanent colours. Koleston has been around for over 100 years and has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation. the ingredients in this permanent colour offer guaranteed results every time.

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