Balance: Scalp Care

A healthy scalp is as important as healthy hair. Here at Cheynes hairdressing salons in Edinburgh, we offer a full consultation with each and every client to make sure that the products we use in salon and the homecare recommendations are the best possible for both hair and scalp.

System Professional Balance is a range of products that look after sensitive scalps. With its exclusive Dermacalm Complex, the products relax the scalp and help build up its own protective barrier. This allows the scalp to protect itself against irritation.

The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing active substances are especially effective within the hardened, outer layer.

The key benefits are:

  • Mild formulations
  • Help maintain the skin’s protective acid mantle
  • No artificial colourant
  • Have been developed in cooperation with dermatologists
  • Have been tested for skin tolerance and effectiveness on sensitive skin
  • Shampoo is pH neutral on the skin.

The images below show how the active ingredients gently cleanse the scalp leaving it free from debris and irritants.



The scalp with debris (product residue) and flakes prior to shampooing





The active ingredients dislodge and geniality remove the product and the flakes




The scalp is left clean and fresh, helping to reduce sensitivity and re-occurance of build up




The range also cares for hair-loss and general day to day sensitivity issues.  Balance Shampoo gently cares for the scalp leaving it cleansed and less prone to sensitivity.  Balance Mask helps relieve discomfort and is deeply moisturising for the scalp.  Balance Energy Serum helps strengthen the hair and 'anchor' it in the scalp, an absolute must for anyone noticing hair loss.











If you notice any changes to the condition of your scalp please mention this to your stylist so that we can discuss the specific products that would be most suitable for you to use.