Wella Trend Vision

Every year Wella Professionals launch a collection of trends that are created to highlight specific fashions happening in Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter.

Trend Vision, the name given to the collections has grown from being a collection of images and colouring techniques into a global yearly event that includes shows and competitions. Considered as one of the highlights of the hairdressing calendar each event is eagerly anticipated by hairdressers across the globe.

This years main trend is Molten Ecaille: This is how Wella professionals describe it: The faster daily life becomes, the more precious are moments of stillness and quality. Taking the time to create, that is to transform something from base to precious, has become a way to affirm oneself as a craftsman and ultimately as a human being. The beauty we create, creates us. Molten Ecaille is the convergence of the natural current with the highest level of sophistication. From raw material into valued and precious object: be inspired by the jeweler’s art, including enameling, forging, shaping, and creative use of oxidation. Molten Ecaille is a rich palette of burnished bronze, rose gold, black pearl, rich copper, tortoise shell, and polished platinum coming together in the ultimate transmission of luxury and couture. The heart of true craftsmanship lies in one’s perfect concentration on the moment of creation – the mindful, deliberate decision for quality versus quantity. Featuring living metallics, deliberate but fluid patterns, and light reflections captured in gold, this is what happens when nature’s purest expressions are elevated by the art of creation.

In May this year the Cheynes artistic team will take to the road and present the newest Cheynes Collection. Paul Adamczuk & Danny Dowie will present 6 models to audiences up and down the country.

Watch this space for a report on the event happening here in Edinburgh on May 10th.