Wella Trend Vision

Paul and members of the Cheynes artistic team recently took to the stage at the Wella world studio situated in the heart of London, the address, in case you are ever wandering through the big city is 1 The Strand!

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The team showcased their own interpretations of Wella’s trends for this year. Trend Vision is a global happening that starts with the launch of collections and images that are inspired by the fashions we can expect to see throughout spring/summer and onto autumn/winter. These trends are then showcased by Wella and their guest artists. This is then followed up with a competition that hairdressers can enter to show their own unique take on each different category.

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Cheynes presented 5 models, 4 girls, 1 guy, each showcasing the unique style of the artistic team. From colour to cut, each model had hair that was instantly recognisable as Cheynes whilst being inspired by the trends Wella presented.

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Colour were daring and expressed individuality and technical expertise, from pink to black with a myriad of shades in between.










Long hair was dishevelled and tousled, with plaits and curls blending together to create beautiful shapes. Short hair was bold with long sweeping fringes and a bold cropped bob that was hallmark Cheynes.

Click this link to see a short video re-posted to our instagram page with thanks to @Reed_hair. https://www.instagram.com/p/BQeDwpbAjK9/?taken-by=cheyneshair