We told you: Black is the new Black








Way back in May we posted the article below that said ‘Black is the new Black’.

And if we need any further evidence that the colour guru guys at Pantone know what they are talking about, yesterday Apple launched the latest version of the iphone.

iphone7 comes in an array of colours, but the two deemed to be the most popular shades are Black and Very Black.

No doubt when the phone is officially launched hairdressers across the country will be first in the queue for their shiny new Black phone, because Black, even though it isn’t really a colour (see the article below) is every hairdressers favourite shade.










Of course Black as a hair shade has always been seen as very cool and very fashionable, it’s not for every one but it is a fabulous colour for the brave and daring … and the shine, it is awesome!













Original Post:

It’s official, Black is back! Those colour guru’s at Pantone, the international colour house, recognised as an authority on what colours will be fashionable each season have stated the fact, Black is well and truly back!

The truth about Black is it’s a fantastic non-colour. The chemical makeup of Black is actually the amalgamation of all the colours in the spectrum, red, blue, green, orange, violet and yellow, all merged together to create what we see as a solid dense colour. So Black is actually not a colour, it’s a trick of the eye and how we see colours working together.











The science behind understanding colours is complex. The technical elements of using Black as a hair colour demands a skill that most hairdressers relish the challenge of.

It’s a bold and daring statement when a client decides to have their hair coloured Black! Ultimately it is a step that needs careful consideration as the colour can change appearances drastically, we can’t all wear the density of Black if our skin is sallow or peachy. But if you have pale alabaster skin then you can have Black hair and it will definitely work.











Pantone have declared ‘Black is back’ and if you want to experiment with this coming seasons must have colour then come along and see our teams here at Cheynes.

We can find the perfect way to introduce you (and your hair) to this awesome shade. Categorically you will love what Black does to hair, the shine, the gloss, the power it gives off is awesome and when placed in your hair with that expert touch our colour experts all have, you can be safe in the knowledge that you wil get the very best Black for you.


Cheynes and colour, a perfect combination.

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