It might be the first week back at work following on from the festive break, however it may well be the case that you still have the occasional party or night out to attend, in which case you have our absolute permission to feel fabulous!









The Cheynes Experience Blow Dry Bar service is the perfect way for you to have beautiful hair no matter what the event is.

“Uptini” aka the updo is perfect for that casual hair up moment that looks effortlessly stylish, as if you just decided to wear your hair that way.









Soft, swept up fringes, rolls, curls, tumbling waves and beehives are all ways to change your day hairstyle into something special when the need arises.











All of our Cheynes teams are fully trained in every aspect of hair-up and can create a bespoke style based around your hair type and length. Banish the worry about your hair looking fabulous, our walk in blow dry service is there for you to take advantage of.









So if you are still in ‘party mode’ and have a ‘do’ to attend, then come along and see us for your very own ‘updo’.












Cheynes, creating beautiful hair for every occasion.