Your Christmas Hair

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s only 6 weeks and 5 days till Christmas day. It’s time to get serious about your festive hair.


However you wear your hair, whatever colours  your currently sporting, now is the time to spruce (dreadful pun, fully intended) your hair up and make the style and colour dazzle through the festive period.

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If you have a colour technique like balayage or ombre, or if you have a full set of highlights, did you know we can temporarily change the tone for you! Your beautiful blonde can have a dash of baby pink added, a subtle hint of blue or the blonde can be changed to look slightly more sandy, whatever you want, we can achieve it. Our teams can create fabulous shades that last a few washes, seeing you through Christmas and on in to the New Year festivities.


If you are going to a party and need your hair to look super stylish, our Blow Dry Bar Experience, available in all Cheynes salons offers a variety of blow dry and hair up styles that can transform your every day hair into party hair effortlessly.


And if you are thinking about a new look for Christmas a bold fringe changes the look and feel of your hair instantly!


Whatever your plans are for Christmas, make sure you book your Cheynes appointment now. We want you to have the very best festive hair!