The Queensferry Crossing








The new bridge across the Firth of Forth officially opens today. Named ‘The Queensferry Crossing’ it is a work of remarkable technical achievement. Did you know, if the suspension cables that holds the bridge up were unravelled they would wrap around the entire planet.


pic courtesy of constructionenquirer

The Forth Road Bridge is now officially closed to traffic as it goes through some structural checks ready for it to become a public transport bridge in November, no more the constant bump bump as you drive over the individual segments of the road, the new bridge is seamless.


Pic courtesy of the Telegraph

And then of course there is the ‘World heritage’ Forth rail bridge, officially opened in 1890 it is a magnificent bridge that carries hundreds of people across its massive structure daily. This bridge is a true engineering wonder and is Cheynes favourite of the three that now span the Forth.


pic courtesy of Scotlands Geneology


Of course there’s a reason why it’s our favourite bridge, it is one of two absolute classic Cheynes images that even to this day make you look twice. Jennifer and the team created these images showcasing fabulous hair and fabulous Scottish structures that are part of Edinburgh’s history.


The other image (above) is Scott’s monument. if you have never been to the very top, we recommend you do it, it’s scary but fabulous too.

So on the day the new Queensferry crossing officially opens we pay tribute to the creativity and skill of the engineers, builders and thousands of people who created the 3 iconic bridges by sharing our iconic images that share our passion for creativity and the city we live in…. Edinburgh.


pic courtesy of AV8images

Cover image pic courtesy of Visit Scotland