The Latest Hair Collection from Cheynes

Behind The Scenes at Cheynes Hairdressing’s Collections Photoshoot in Edinburgh

It starts as an embryonic idea, a thought that builds into a collection of images that says “here and now’. That’s’ what we aim for with every collection of images we create.

So it was that The Creative Team, Jennifer, Paul and Lorraine (our go-to stylist) came together early on a recent Sunday morning.

This day was about unleashing a creative force and ending up with a set of images that everyone would feel proud of, it definitely called for clear heads and lots of energy. Everyone was ‘raring to go’. The ideas had been formed weeks beforehand, the team had prepped and planned, the venue was booked, the models organised.

Strong coffee and a group discussion about the overall ‘feel’ of the collection. We like to keep an organic structure to these days as a spark of inspiration could change the path we were heading down… whilst still maintaining the overall feel of the shoot.


The Creative team get to work, dressing the models hair. Lorraine organises the clothes, the make-up, the accessories (and us really). Jennifer and Paul oversee and offer advice and guidance where needed, but ultimately it’s the teams day and they set off on their challenge, to create a set of images that can be used for lots of different reasons, on our website, in any literature we produce, even on the A-boards standing outside the salon doorways.

Of course we don’t end the day with a set of photographs that are ready to go. No! After the day has ended then it’s down to the serious task of ploughing through hundreds of shots and finding the images that have that definite ‘Cheynes’ feel, the looks that represent us in a way that makes everyone involved feel very proud of their hard work.


And whilst we sort through all of the shots, here are some ‘sneak previews’ taken whilst the day unfolded. Come back soon to see the final images that we will be using over the coming months.