That Katy Perry moment








It is without doubt the hottest cut and colour seen in the world of celebrity right now!

When a celebrity decides to go for the chop it usually happens for the wrong reason; remember Britney and the shaving of her head, not great publicity and definitely not a good look.

Katy Perry however is a different story. She decided to have a radical new style after talks with her hairdresser and she shared her new look with her 65 million followers on Instagram.

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Since she has had her hair cut it has got shorter and shorter and more blonde…  till she presented us with this rather magical style that has got everyone buzzing about going for a change of style.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.17.59












So where will Katy go next? Definitely she will stay blonde for the foreseeable future and will keep the locks fairly close cropped, she does after all have a new album and tour to promote and the imagery needs to stay consistent, and (of course) she just looks incredible!

But how does her hair look so fabulous and healthy? Her hairdresser is obviously a very talented guy and takes care of the lightening process to make sure no damage occurs, she will also be using the very best products to maintain her colour and condition, something that is available to everyone these days so now is your chance to be like Katy.

Since appearing at the One Love Manchester concert alongside Ariana Grande we have seen a lot of clients asking for Katy Perry haircuts and colours, she has definitely created a fashion moment and our clients are embracing this bold new look.

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The team here at Cheynes are all expert colourists and can create your own unique, bespoke version of this fabulous style. Why not ask for more details about how you can be wearing the must have celeb haircut and colour of the moment. We can give you advice on how to look after your hair, how to style it and how to keep your colour looking fabulous as well.


Go on, be like Katy! #cheyneshairdressing #goblonde #goshort


With thanks to Katy Perry instagram page for images,