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At Cheynes we take pride in every aspect of our hairdressing, from the haircut to the home-care products we recommend, every element is as important as each other.

That’s why we use and recommend Tangle Teezers. These brushes have taken the world by storm, with 17 sold every minutes across the globe, they have become the go to brush for hairdressers, clients and celebrities alike.

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Why are they so popular? The name is a giveaway, they gently tease tangles out of the hair without any tugging and pulling. Perfect for all hair types, Tangle Teezers come in different shapes and sizes and are colourful, fun and easy to use.

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Tangle Teezers founder Shaun Pulfrey says:

“Since launching in 2007, we have revolutionised the hairbrush market, described as ‘lifechanging’‘magic’, and the ‘must-have brush’, we are teasing the world with innovation at the heart of everything we do”.

Famously turned down by BBC2’s Dragon’s Den the brand has gone on to become one of the world’s hippest brands winning a constant stream of accolades, endorsements and awards whilst also becoming a recognised ‘coolbrand’ in 2014.

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The Cheynes teams all agree that this simple, affordable and colourful invention has changed the way we deal with wet hair. With it’s ability to detangle instantly it’s a welcome addition to the tools we use in salon and it is great for use at home.

We suggest you always keep a Tangle Teezer in your bag!

If you want to know which brush would be best for you to use, ask your stylist next time you are in Cheynes.



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