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Well it’s here, summer has well and truly landed in our beautiful city. the sun is out and it makes for a lovely day. Here’s hoping this balmy weather continues right through till autumn.

Did you know that the sun can be as damaging to your hair as is it to your skin, that’s why it’s really important to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Your hair is susceptible to damage when the sun is as powerful as it is through the summer months.

Your hair is a complex structure packed full of proteins and moisture that give your tresses its bounce, strength, softness, shine and structure. The sun can break down these key ingredients causing dryness, lack of bounce, dull hair, split ends and breakage.

Fortunately, help and protection is available at Cheynes.

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System Professional Solar: designed to protect the hair from damage through sun exposure.

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Hair and Body Shampoo:

Gently moisturizes the hair, removing sunscreen, salt and chlorine residue on the hair and skin. It improves combability and leaves the hair fresh, light and shiny. It is equally effective on the skin, gently removing waterproof sun lotions and hydrolipid residues. Pepares the skin for moisturization. Can be used as a daily sports shampoo, for men and for women. With HelioRestore Complex.

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Hydro Repair Conditioner:

The conditioner, with HelioRestore complex, repairs sun damage and intensively replaces moisture lost through salt and chlorine water. It improves combability instantly.

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Sun Oil Keratin UV Protection:

Instantly adds softness during and after sun exposure. The UV filters, combined with a luxurious blend of oils, deeply condition and protect the keratin for lasting smoothness.

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Solar Cream:

Daily Protecting Cream for deep nourishment, that protects against UV radiation and the damaging effects of salt and chlorinated water.

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Helio Spray:

This damage repair booster can be added to any mask or emulsion. It transforms the treatment for additional reconstruction, strength and resilience against breakage.

Ask your Cheynes stylist about the best summer protection hair-care for you.

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