Sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest difference. That’s definitely true when it comes to Invisibobble.

Since the launch of these rather cute but odd looking things, ponytails have breathed a sigh of relief. Normal ‘bobbles’ and elastic bands can be damaging to the hair structure, causing splits and breakage along the length of the hair, especially when they are placed in the hair too tightly.








Not with Invisibobble. The unique design makes sure that ponytails are secure and tight without causing any damage to the hair at all. The soft plastic and the zigzag shape ensure your hair is protected whilst tied up.







Alongside that there is another huge benefit, no marks in the hair. There’s nothing worse that a ridge across the middle of hair that has been ‘up’ all day. Invisibobble simply doesn’t leave a mark on the hair, making it an ideal way to wear your hair up through the day or at bedtime without the worry of having to deal with straightening out any kinks that normally occur when an elasticated bobble has been used.








And, if you find your invisibobble has stretched and isn’t performing like it used to, simply pop it into a bowl of boiling water and watch it shrink back into its original shape.

Invisibobble-Candy-Pink (1)







Available in a multitude of colours, Invisibobble really does fit every occasion where your hair needs putting up. Be confident in the knowledge that they are safe to use, ponytails really can be put in with complete confidence.

Sometimes it really is the small things that make a big difference!