Smooth Hair








Smooth, sleek, shiny hair; it always looks fabulous, but it’s not easy to create at home. That’s why we love the new System Professional Smoothen collection.

Shampoo, conditioner and mask all designed to help you get the very best care for your hair at home.

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Containing avocado oil and extract of cashmere with the added benefit of softening polymers, Smoothen helps control unruly hair and enriches hair with a smoother surface, creating easier manageability and adding a silky shine. Curls are more defined, straight hair has less fly-aways and retains its sleek shape for longer.

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Smoothen Shampoo is a gentle, luxurious cleanser, it helps control and adds smoothness for a soft and supple hair feel. Instantly transforms unruly textures into soft, combable and manageable hair.

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Smoothen Conditioner is a daily detangling cream that intensly conditions for velvety softness and a smooth hair feel. It smoothens frizz and calms the hair structure.

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Smoothen Mask, a luxurious weekly treatment for intensive hair texture control and softness. Smoothen Mask will reduce fly-aways, calm frizz and keep the hair structure smoother for longer. With EnergyCode™ for responsive hair full of energy.


If you struggle to keep your hair looking smooth, speak to one of any member of the Cheynes teams and we can offer the very best advice about products that are ideal for you to use. We recommend Wella System Professional  as well as other ranges carried in our salons to ensure that your home-care regime is bespoke and personally chosen for you and your hair type.