Sebastian Professional Twisted







Curls, movement, waves, everywhere you look you can see that this hair trend is hugely popular. Creating and styling curls can be difficult and products need to be specifically created the perfect look for your hair.

That’s why we are delighted that one of our favourite brands, Sebastian Professional has launched a new and exciting range of products specifically for curly hair.

Twisted is a collection of products that have been inspired by the depths of the ocean and the myriad of fluid shapes deep down at the bottom of the sea.

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Sebastian Global Art Director Shay Dempsey says: “The deeper we went, the closer we got to this life at the bottom of the ocean, and the more fascinating it proved to be. It gave us so many ideas for the shapes we could create with the hair, how we could work with wet and dry hair, and how we could bring this elastic flexibility to life. You’ll see how, when we work with the new tools and the Flexi Alg™ Complex, these beautiful, fluid and organic shapes come bursting to life.”


Elastic Cleanser: Curl shampoo.
Infused with Flexi AlgTM Complex. Gently washes in moisture, injecting each hair strand with elasticity for easier styling.

SEB-Twisted-Elastic-Detangler_dElastic Detangler: Curl conditioner.
Daily detangler infused with Flexi Alg™ Complex. Locks-in moisture and boosts elasticity for easier styling and touchable, flexible curls all day long.


Elastic treatment: Curl mask.
Infused with Flexi Alg™ Complex. Nourishes and strengthens the hair fiber whilst shielding against humidity. Fights frizz, adds moisture and transforms untamable kinks into headturning, bouncy curls.


Curl Magnifier: Curl cream.
Polishes and defines curls without extra weight, stiffness or crunchiness. Flexi Alg™ Complex fights daily frizz and dryness for touchable, natural-looking definition and bounce.


Curl Lifter: Styling Foam.
Infused with Flexi Alg™ Complex. Boosts hair elasticity and controls frizz for curls that bounce with renewed energy. No stickiness, no crunchiness, just all-day resistant, natural-looking, envy-inspiring curls.


Curl Reviver: Styling spray.
Curls bounce into place with this final touch-up or instant, on-the-spot lift. Flexi Alg™ Complex renews manageability and controls frizz for weightless, elastic definition.

If you have, or if you like to wear your hair curly, wavy or with soft movement speak with your Cheynes stylist and discover this fantastic new collection of products that will create the perfect curls for you.