Red Carpet Glamour








Red Carpet Glamour! The name says it all really. When you need hair BIG hair with lots of VOLUME, this is the perfect Cheynes Experience blow dry for you.










Bounce and body always add a touch of sophistication to your hair, that’s why Red Carpet Glamour is the perfect way to make your special hair-do look extra special.

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Curls and waves are perfect for giving you that added element of sophistication and style. A gentle flow at the ends of longer hair or full waves cascading down from the roots, it’s a sure fire winner whichever way suits you and your hair.

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Styled to frame the face for a coquettish look, your Red carpet Glamour blow dry will definitely turn heads!









So if you have a party to attend soon, why not call into your nearest Cheynes salon and let us make your hair ‘stand out from the crowd’.


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