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Cheynes have been using and recommending Paul Mitchell products since we were first introduced to them over 30 years ago.

A firm favourite with our teams and clients, we believe the products have been so successful because of their unique approach to haircare. The story about this iconic brand is well known, 2 friends, 36 years ago set up a business with just $700 and a passion for hairdressing.

The brand is a global phenomenon and is regarded as one of the leaders in haircare, specifically because of its ‘no animal testing’ stance, something that is now second nature to most companies, but back in the early 80’s was considered very radical.

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‘Baby Don’t Cry’ has always been one of our top sellers, it is a fantastic shampoo (and conditioner) for children. One of the first products available with a formulation so gentle it didn’t irritate babies eyes, hence the name.

Here’s what Paul Mitchell say about this timeless classic:

Gently cleanses and soothes hair and scalp.

Mild cleansers and a neutral pH create a tearless formula. A unique blend of extracts helps to hydrate and prevent moisture loss, while chamomile and cornflower extract calm and soothe.

The tearless formula is great for children of all ages.

What we say: Baby Don’t Cry is a fabulous shampoo for children of all ages, we recommend it because we believe in it and we trust it. Over the many years we have been stocking this product it has consistently been one of our very best sellers, why? because you, our clients, also trust it.







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