Trend Vision ‘Eclipse’

The Wella TrendVision 2016 journey began months ago! Following on from a meeting with Wella Professionals we began the start of an extraordinary experience that culminated this week. TrendVision is a premier global event that features Trends, Competitions and Hair-Shows, all culminating in a World Grand Final, this year to be held in Barcelona. This is where competitors from over 150 countries battle it out to be crowned global champions!

Cheynes are a major part of the presentation show. This is, for many, a chance to see cutting-edge interpretations of the global trends Wella deliver to their clients each year in real time.

tv1 tv2Esme screen

The Cheynes Creative Team were asked to present their own unique brand of hairdressing and were given free reign from Wella to put on a presentation that would excite and inspire the audience! Everything needed to be taken into consideration, from the models, the hair, the clothes and make-up right down to the choreography. With audiences expecting the wow factor from the show we really have to push our creativity to the max!

tv5 tv6 tv7

Ideas were brainstormed and from this we created our collection, we called it  'Eclipse'. This truly represents what Cheynes feel is at the 'cutting edge' of hair and fashion! 6 models, 6 glorious models who showcased our creativity in cutting , colouring, styling and hair-ups. Our aim was quite simple, to share with the audience some classic Cheynes creativity.

The opening night of the tour was to be .... our home town, Edinburgh!

tv8 tv9 tv10

The music was haunting, the models would strike dramatic poses and then take command of the huge catwalk! Starting with shorter hair with signature elements easily identified as Cheynes trademarks. The girls were dressed in incredible clothes, styled by our very own Lorraine Adamczuk. Giant screens focussed in on the girls as they made their way along from either end of the catwalk, meeting in the middle in a seamless synchronicity of choreographed movements.

tv11 tv12 tv13a

Our first 4 models had strong, bold haircuts with undercuts and sweeping fringes, all enhanced by incredible colour work that featured colours from yellow through to green and every other shade possible, all placed to make the haircuts look stunning. With clean blondes and raven blacks as the backdrop for bold colours, each head of hair was received rapturously by the audience.

tvnew tvnew2newtv

Our next 2 models both had long hair; long hair with an incredible twist to it, shaven sides, plaits and twists that elevated each look into a 3d sculptural effect with tendrils of wispy hair that appeared to float as the girls walked along the catwalk. Stunning and elegant with a futuristic feel, they wowed the audience.

newtv2 newtv3 newtv4

Paul Adamczuk and Danny Dowie took to the stage to explain the cuts and colours. It's fair to say that in our home town we got a huge buzz from the audiences reaction, possibly it was all down to Pauls tartan bondage trousers, of that we can't be sure!

Haircuts were explained by Paul, sharing his understanding of the technicalities of intricate undercuts and Cheynes trademark shapes and styles. Danny eloquently explained how the beautiful colour results had been created with Wella products. Our models hair was broken down into Eclipse shades with Kyla wearing a striking yellow tone, Kara sporting green, Hazel had blue, Rachel's hair had pink elements and our long hair was shot through with multi colours, and also, dressed and created by Kristine Komule, one of the newest members of the creative team.

newtv5 newtv7 newtv8

The make-up, created by Lucy Flower was beautiful and showcased perfectly the overall feeling for 'eclipse'. With choreography and music by the 'uber talented' Andy Turner that evoked a dark and sensual mood, the show was delivered to the audience at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange and received with great enthusiasm,

tvnew tvnew2newietv

The roadshow continues and we are having a fabulous time with it. Seeing so many young hairdressers enter the TrendVision competition and making it through to this stage is brilliant. Presenting on stage in partnership with Wella Professionals and showcasing our 'Eclipse Collection', and working alongside Sassoon Academy  and the Wella Fusion Team makes for a truly inspiring experience.

We must thank everyone who worked on this amazing project, Sheila Jackson and Wella Professionals, for asking us to be part of the tour, Jenni Halliwell' our Wella Angel and Blair Howarth, Clair McDowall, Kay McIntyre and mrhaircare for the photographs used here. Finally thanks to Jennifer Cheyne for her passion, enthusiasm and inspirational input, making our 'Eclipse Collection' something the team are very proud of.....