The Colour Green








Did you know that the colour we see more than any other is Green?

Whilst it isn’t necessarily a colour associated with hair that often, although the images here show just how great it can look…. Green is the most visible of all colours in the colour spectrum (rainbow) and of all colours, of which there are billions of variations, Green comes out on top.











Of course we accept green is never going to be one of the most requested colours from our clients, but the image above shows just how fantastic the  tone can look when mixed with a deep black, the contrast works perfectly well giving a dramatic bold look. The cover post shows another variation, this time much more complex as (in theory) Green and Orange should clash, although Mother Nature shows us that most colours when placed correctly can look good together and the combination in this image is perfectly balanced.

Sitting opposite Red on a colour circle it’s a very important colour for hairdressers to understand as it can be used to neutralise unwanted warmth in hair colour. For example, if a client came in to see any of our Cheynes Colour Experts because they had a colour that was too Red, the natural colour to use to help tone it down is Green. It is more technical than that as there are many different shades of Red as well, as can be seen in the diagram below. We use the colour circle to help us determine lots of different colour results and it is especially useful when we are faced with colour correction as this is a great guide as to how colours work.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.24.20









Green, the world’s most visible colour, anyone like to guess at what’s No.2? Check back soon to find out.