Summer Sun








It’s official! Summer has arrived here in Edinburgh! The city takes on a new feel when the sun beats down on the cobbled streets of our glorious capital.

Princess Street gardens are mobbed at lunchtime as people grab the chance to catch some rays and suddenly, everyone is wearing sunglasses!

The sun makes us feel good, it’s all about Vitamin D of course and how it recharges our bodies. But the sun is also harmful to our skin, that’s why everyone (now) carries their factor 15 with them just in case they manage to get out in the midday heat to get a tan. Suntan lotions are important in the protection of the skin, likewise haircare products protect your hair from being demoisturized by the suns rays.

Hair and sun are not a great combination if care isn’t taken. The heat generated on a sunny day can be enough to open up the outer structure of your hair and fade colour, it can make dry and split ends increase and it can make healthy hair appear damaged and fragile.

That’s why we recommend System Professional Solar.

A range of products that have all the necessary protective qualities needed to make sure your hair stays in tip-top condition throughout the summer months. Packed with UV filters to help prevent the absorption of uv rays, and with avocado oil to help prevent moisture loss, Solar is the perfect haircare range for this time of the year. It’s also ideal for holidays with it’s ability to fight chlorine and sea salt residue, making sure your hair doesn’t become parched of goodness whilst enjoying your vacation.










One of the great things about System Professional is that all products can be used with each other, so if you are already using certain products for your hair (or scalp) it’s okay to add an additional elements, such as Solar, into your regime.


All of our teams at Cheynes are fully trained in System Professional and can recommend the perfect combination of products for your hair type.

Enjoy the summer sun and remember to take care of your hair the same way you do your skin.



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