Rose Gold Hair Colour Trend

Rose Gold & Pale Blue Hair Colours at Cheynes Hairdressing Salons in Edinburgh

Hairdressing companies watch with eager anticipation when Pantone, the Global authority launch their annual colour trends, they tend to have a direct impact on what new colours will be introduced into their portfolios and what clients will be asking for.

The 2 shades of the year that will dominate everything in 2016 are Rose Quartz and Serenity.







It’s very unusual for Pantone to launch 2 separate colours but this year they suggest that consumers are looking for mindfulness and well-being and that these two colours offer that in abundance.

Rose Quartz, a warm rose tone, and Serenity, a cool pale blue reflect the consumer demands for order and peace. They also challenge preconceived ideas of what is and isn’t complimentary colour.

As hairdressers we tend to work to the rule that colours from the opposite sides of the spectrum clash and don’t work harmoniously together, however in this case the exact opposite is the case, the soft and cool tones harmonise and create a delicate blend that can be very complimentary.

What does it mean for our clients? Well it doesn’t mean that everyone will be wearing Rose Quartz and Serenity colours in their hair.

What Cheynes Colour Specialists will do is work with these tones and create bespoke results that can either show off the unusual aspect of the colours in an impactful way, or create soft and muted versions that sit comfortably within a more ‘regular’ colour effect, perhaps as subtle highlights finely woven through a rich chocolate tone or a cool dark red! Whatever it might be, and that decision is yours, it’s a guarantee that we will be seeing these colours everywhere in the coming months.

Pantone suggest these shades will be so popular because we are moving (as a society) toward a more unilateral approach to colour, especially as a form of expression. Rose Quartz is a gentle tone yet it has strong undertones, whereas Serenity is weightless and suggests relaxation.

For more detailed information on Pantone and the colours of the year visit their website and keep your eyes on the change in hair fashions as the seasons change.

With thanks to pantone for the use of the images.