40 Years At Cheynes!

Yesterday we held our annual Cheynes Conference with teams across our city centre salons coming along to learn about the plans for 2018.

As always we had great fun, with each salon team delivering a light-hearted 'presentation', it's pretty much a guarantee that they will end up on YouTube as they usually do (if you click the YouTube link you'll see a classic from 2016 - a very poignant post as it followed the loss of David Bowie, one of Paul's Adamczuk's heroes.

It's apt that we share this particular clip with you as we are delighted to say that Paul has just received a 40 year service award!


Not one for hyperbole and self promotion, Paul is one of the UK's most respected hairdressers who has been a mainstay in Cheynes for 4 decades - so we felt it only right to say:


And here's looking at the next 40!!  Keep checking in for more celebratory posts!

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