Pastel Colours

We are still seeing lots of our clients experiment with soft pastel shades in their hair. This fashion technique started off as a trend but has moved on and became a part of everyday hair colouring.

When it initially appeared, on celebrities and models, it was regarded as a craze, something that would come and go in a  flash, but not so. We regularly add a dash of pale pink, a splash of baby blue, a hint of soft violet, a smudge of pale green to our clients hair.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 15.01.59










Delicate tones add an interesting dimension to haircuts... as with the image above, a stunning blend of warm and cool blondes with the faintest hint of soft orange and green/blue peeping through the fringe area creates a definite statement with its soft fusion of colours.














Here we see a much bolder use of pink, one of the most popular pastel shades for hair. The overall appearance is a daring one with varying degrees of intensity in the pinky hues, from deep dusky pink in the frontal areas to softer, washed out, baby pink through the top layers creating a multi dimensional feel to the hair.














The above is an incredible colour result, using deep violet tones as the overall colour the gradual fade through to pale violet and then platinum blonde gives a strong haircut extra depth and character.















An incredibly complicated colour technique that makes this fabulous hair style look effortlessly cool and sophisticated. Blending pale, baby blue with the softest of violet tones and a clean, nordic blonde gives this stunning cut added texture and interest.

Cheynes Creative











And here we see an incredible image created by the Cheynes Creative Team ... a monumental head of hair fusing frizzy texture with candy floss pink, it's a real showstopper and a fabulous representation of what pastel tones can do to a head of hair. Extreme? Yes! Fabulous? Absolutely!

Of course pastel colours can be many things, from ultra daring to subtle enhancement, but whatever the result it is always unique, bespoke and completely individual.

If you have ever thought about adding a pastel shade to your hair, ask your Cheynes stylist for help and inspiration. Colouring hair is a passion for everyone at Cheynes, and adding a frisson of pink, blue, violet or any other pastel shade makes our creativity that little bit extra special for you.