Hair Protection While Colouring!

With the New Year comes the opportunity to change your colour and have a fresh new image. But, there are always challenges changing colour when there are existing colours in your hair. Here at Cheynes we are committed to delivering optimum results without causing possible damage to your hair, that's why Olaplex and Wella professionals Renew are so exciting.


Olaplex has become a firm favourite with the teams at Cheynes.  This innovative product is used in salon during the colour process and at home. In salon we apply the product into your colour formulation where it blends into the mix and protects the structure of your hair whilst also rebuilding damaged bonds found deep inside the structure, this helps secure your colour and dramatically improves the overall condition and strength of your hair, especially when previous colour is being changed, that's what we call Olaplex a real game changer.

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Wella Professionals Re<New:


Wella Professionals Re<New is one of the latest additions to our portfolio of colour specific products and has proven itself to be a worthy addition. Re<New is a A ZERO DAMAGE colour reducer that helps adjust, change and correct unwanted permanent colour results.

With its gentle ingredients Re<New is a gentle alternative to persulfate products that helps reduce unwanted  colour tones whilst respecting the natural hair melanin without lightening the natural hair colour.

Key points:

- Reduces undesired colour results.
- Gently cleanses excessive oxidative colour in depth and tone.
- Respects the natural hair structure.
- Does not lighten the natural colour.
- Optimises and prepares the hair for new colour.
- Easy and reliable application.
- Peroxide free, Persulfate free, Parfum free.

The addition of Olaplex and Re,New into our cannon of colour friendly products allows our teams to take creativity with colour to a new dimension and gives you the security of healthy, shiny, long lasting colour result.

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