HJI choose Cheynes

We were recently featured as the 'editor's choice' in one of the UK's most respected trade magazines. HJI is an important magazine for hairdressers everywhere as it shares news, views and hair imagery with hairdressers everywhere. For us here at Cheynes it's always great to be featured in the magazine and on their website, it's also important that you, our customers get to see the images as well.

You can see the article here: https://www.hji.co.uk/hair/hj-editors-collection-week-cheynes-edinburgh/

Thanks to Ruth Hunsley (Editor HJI)

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The images come from our latest photo shoot and show the versatility of the hairstyle, each different shot showcasing the beautiful colour result.

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There will be more images coming soon, so keep checking in for regular updates.

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