Hairstyles For Older Women

Hair Ideas for Older Women at Cheynes Hair Salons in Edinburgh

It's official - 50 is the new 35!  At our Edinburgh hair salons, we know that older women have such a sense of style these days and are throwing out the old rule books as far as hair styles for the over 50s are concerned.  If you feel you are stuck in a hair time warp though, don't worry!  Help is at hand!

If you’re still rocking that 80s perm which you’ve had since you were 25, then maybe it’s time for an update.  Why not book in for a quick consultation at your local Cheynes hair salon in Edinburgh?  We’d be happy to provide you with ideas about how you can create a new style that will stand the test of time.  Let us modernise your look, giving you a hairstyle that suits you, your personality, lifestyle and hair type, so all that will be left for you to do is be confident and have fun!

Below you will find some of the top hairstyles that many older women ask for....

Mid-Length Hair Suits Older Women

Mid-length (hovering anywhere between the chin and shoulders) suits everyone, no matter what their age or face shape.  An added advantage of this look is it helps to hide an ageing neck!  We think Diane Keaton gets the style absolutely spot on.  

Side-Sweeping Fringes & Layers Make You Look Younger

A side-sweeping fringe can take years off your age because it will cause people to pay attention to your eyes and not to any wrinkles that may have appeared on your forehead. 

Add a few layers to your hair as well and you’ll suddenly begin to look more youthful – it certainly makes Jane Fonda look timeless!

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Long Hair For Older Women (Gasp!)

Can older women wear their hair long?  Of course they can.  Just look at the fantastic Michelle Pfeiffer, Andie MacDowell and Sophia Loren!  Forget the unwritten rule that once you hit 40 you have to chop back your hair.  If you feel good with long hair, there is absolutely no reason why you should cut it.  Simply make sure you have regular trims and conditioning treatments at Cheynes hair and beauty salons in Edinburgh and your hair will remain fabulous, no matter what your age. 

Disguise Fine & Thinning Hair – Top Tips for More Mature Women

 Having said that, most women do notice changes in their hair once they hit the menopause.  It can become finer, thinner, more coarse or a little bit ‘fluffy’ (grey hair tends to have a life of its own!)   Short hairstyles, as worn by Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren, can be great for disguising fine and thinning hair – all you need is the right cut, some great hair products and a little knowhow.

One of our expert stylists at Cheynes salons in Edinburgh will be able to help with any problems you face with your hair.  At our salons we offer a range of products to solve every hair problem and our stylists would be happy to suggest one that would be perfect for you.  For instance, OLAPLEX strengthens and adds shine to your hair, and NIOXIN targets the scalp to reduce fine and thinning hair.

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Grey Hair?  Don’t Care!

Silver-grey hair is taking the world of hair colour by storm right now, so why not keep your hair silvery and show those millennials a thing or two?   Your stylist can recommend the best hair care products to tame your grey hair and keep it looking vibrant. We can also adjust the tone to create a silver grey that suits you. 

We think Dame Judi Dench’s hair colour is simply fabulous.

Hair Colour For The Over 50s

It’s time we all took a leaf out of Dame Helen Mirren’s book and had a bit of fun with our hair colour – remember her pink hair at the 2013 BAFTAS when she was a sprightly 67 years old? Today, older women can dazzle with just about any hair colour but, rest assured, your colour specialist at Cheynes hair and beauty salons in Edinburgh will help you find the hue that’s perfect for you.

Hair Cuts & Colours for Stylish Over 50s at Cheynes Salons in Edinburgh

At our salons, we love creating fabulous haircuts and hair colours to help you find a look that makes you feel fantastic, no matter what your age is.  Simply call your salon using the links below or book online for your next step towards stylish hair.