What an amazing day at the Cheynes Conference 2018. Congratulations to Paul Adamczuk for 40 years of fun, laughter and great achievements. Also congratulations to William Howarth for 30 years - he has built an amazing and successful company in Cheynes Training. Also to Billy Miller for 30 years, James Murphy 20 years and Ashley Kerr 20 years! Also Congratulations to Blair Bridgeford and Lori Paterson from our West End Salon both celebrating 10 years. All brilliant talented hairdressers.

To Shelley for being our Quiet Hero for 2018 and congratulations to all the winners in our Awards Ceremony.


Well done to all the salons for their Amazing and Hysterical shows. What an AMAZING team! Very Proud of you all!!

Onwards and Upwards! Love Jennifer

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