Caring for Colour

Here at Cheynes we pride ourselves on the hair colours we create for our clients. To us, it's as important to look after your colour result at home as it is for us to create it in the salons.

That's why we use and recommend System Professional Color Save products. Designed to care for coloured hair and prolong the life of YOUR colour at home, each product in the range is packed full of ingredients that help maintain your hair in tip-top condition, giving you a better, more vibrant, long lasting colour result.

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Quarternium and Beeswax help fight colour fade by creating a barrier on the hair shaft. Two ingredients that are known to improve the lifespan of colour greatly.

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A highly effective UV filter helps prevent harmful rays from the sun opening up the hair structure and fading the colour. Whilst a sun-kissed look can work after a holiday in the sun, we recommend that using products containing UV filters will definitely help maintain the vibrancy of your colour and its true shade.

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Amino TSP is a unique ingredient that smooths the hair shaft down, protecting the internal structure and nourishing the hair at the same time.

Looking after coloured hair is important, the colour alters the structure of your hair and it needs cleansing and conditioning with products that are 'colour' friendly, thats why key ingredients are of major importance as well.

Ask any of our teams about System Professional Color Care.

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