The Best Hair Colour

Find Out Why Cheynes Are The Best Hair Colour Salons In Edinburgh

At Cheynes Hairdressing in Edinburgh, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke, stunning hair colour for men and women using the latest range of professional hair colours from Wella.

We offer personalised colour to enhance your hairstyle whether that is adding natural hair colours, the latest balayage or ombre hair colouring, gently covering grey hair, or creating an amazing new look.

Using permanent or semi-permanent professional hair colour, your Cheynes colourist will leave your hair in great condition with a long-lasting shine.  Read on to find out why you should trust your hair colour to our professional hairdressing teams in Edinburgh.

The Best Hair Colour Technicians At Cheynes Hair Salons, Edinburgh

With hair colour experts in all five of our Edinburgh salons, we have the highest levels of technical hair colour expertise, creativity and personal hair consultants waiting to deliver exceptional hair colour for each client.

Every member of our prestigious Cheynes Colour Directors Degree team has completed a 'Colour Director's Degree' which means they have undergone the most thorough colour training possible. In fact, they are often called upon to teach their skills to experienced hairdressers across the UK.

You can, therefore, rest assured that your colourist will be using the most advanced colour treatments and techniques during your hair colour service.

Free Hair Colour Consultations In Edinburgh

Whether you want to try a completely new hair colour, add depth and interest with balayage, or you simply want advice from a top colourist - we invite you to a complimentary hair colour consultation with one of our Master Colour Experts.

Understanding your hair type, style, skin tone and lifestyle will allow our expert team to give the best hair colour advice and results.  Our aim is to find the perfect hair colour that will suit you, lightening up your complexion and making you feel sensational. 

The Best Balayage Hairdressers In Edinburgh

One of the most popular hair colour techniques around is balayage - and it's fair to say we are balayage experts at Cheyne Hair Salons in Edinburgh.  Balayage is a technique for highlighting in which colours are applied to the hair is such a way that the finished result has a graduated, natural-looking effect.  Even better, you can wait longer between hair colour appointments because your colour takes long to grow out. 

Responsible Hair Colouring At Cheynes Hair Salons In Edinburgh

We are a responsible hairdressing group and only offer colour services to men and women aged over 16. You must also undertake a quick skin test at least 48 hours before your colour appointment so we can check for possible allergies to the products we use.  Pop in to any of our five Edinburgh hair salons for your skin test.

Protecting Your Hair During Colouring 

Ensuring your hair remains healthy is one of our key aims at Cheynes Hairdressing in Edinburgh so please listen to our advice to ensure your hair always looks its best.

We can also highly recommend adding a Wellaplex or Olaplex treatment to your hair colouring appointment. Wellaplex protects your hair during the hair colouring or lightening service and can also be used as a stand-alone treatment.  Afterwards, your hair will feel stronger and look shinier.  Similar to Wellaplex, we also love Olaplex which is a three step in-salon hair treatment to improve the appearance of your hair, making it stronger and healthier.   

wellaplex hair treatments cheynes hair salons edinburgh

Environmentally-Friendly Clipmeche Highlights At Cheynes Hairdressing, Edinburgh

Clipmeche is an environmentally-friendly highlighting system which gives outstanding close to the root results, offering excellent value for money. Our very own Jennifer Cheyne launched Clipmeche to the hairdressing industry. With Clipmeche we can create highlights that are close to the roots, using a secure hair-looking system that easy to use and re-usable!