Autumn Colours

Summer, well what little we have had of it is almost over. The nights are getting darker, the air is getting cooler and the first signs that Autumn is coming are appearing.  Department stores are filling their windows with hats, scarves, gloves and coats, all in autumnal shades.  Leaves are starting to change from green into rusty copper colours.  And what about hair?



Hair colour always changes as the seasons move on and this year we are seeing a shift toward warmer blonde tones, think Champagne, sand and honey. The addition of warmth to a blonde shade adds a hint of sophistication and luxury to your colour. Of course if you are a platinum blonde or currently sporting grey tones then these remain staple parts of this seasons blonde shades.







Copper is one of Autumn's most fashionable colour choices. This season it's a must to have a deep copper base with flashes of lighter and brighter, more golden copper as highlights. This emphasises the haircut and also gives incredible variation in the colour result, making it a real autumnal statement. Copper tones always give hair a fabulous shine!






Caitlynbeauty1 009-copyweb

If red is your colour choice then opt for a deep red as your overall shade and add in a few surprises, maybe some copper flashes or dark damson pieces to give your hair colour a luxurious and sexy look.


Of course, it isn't mandatory that you change your colour just because the seasons are changing and just because fashion dictates it to be so, but here at Cheynes we love to create new and bespoke colour results for our clients. So if you are thinking it's time to get your Autumn colour created, speak to your stylist about your ideas, what you like and what you want from your hair over the next few months, and together we will design your perfect colour.

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