Merry ‘Kiss-mas’








It can’t have escaped you, everywhere you go Christmas is popping up. From Christmas cards in Paperchase to Hotel foyers being adorned with decorations and posters advertising festive party nights, the inevitable is happening, we are being carried away on a Christmas juggernaut whether we are ready for it or not.

Here at Cheynes we have had our product suppliers show us, and in some cases send us Christmas gift packs. It does feel odd talking about gifts so soon but the reality is. it’s going to be here in the blink of an eye and there are only 94 days left, that means there’s only 3 pay checks left too!

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So we have some fabulous gift packs available should you be super organised and have already started shopping.


Paul Mitchell has created these fabulous git sets, Merry ‘Kiss-mas’ features classic products Shampoo One and Freeze & Shine hairspray with a free lip gloss.


Awapuhi ‘Essence of Repair’ is a fabulous gift for anyone who has hair in need of some tender loving care, a luxurious present in super stylish packaging.


‘Own the Look’ is festive and funky and a great gift for the man in your life. Heavy Hitter shampoo and Reformer styling product wrapped up in a cool box that makes for a great gift.

So without becoming panic stricken about Christmas when it’s still ages away you can at least rely on us here at Cheynes to have some fabulous gift ideas available now. Watch this space for more wonderful pressies coming soon.


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