IPL Treatments

Pulsar IPL Treatments at Cheynes Hairdressing Salon & Beauty Zone, George Street, Edinburgh

From our hair & beauty salon in George Street, Edinburgh, we offer specialist Intense Pulsed Light therapy for permanent hair removal, as an anti-ageing treatment and to improve the appearance of thread veins. 

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light where an intense, visible, broad-spectrum pulse of filtered light is delivered to treat the area you wish to improve. This is a safe, popular and effective procedure.  

During your free consultation, your highly trained and experienced therapist will assess you for suitability, explain the procedure, price and results you can expect from your treatment or course of treatments.

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IPL Hair Removal

IPL can permanently reduce hair growth and is most effective on dark hair and lighter skin. The treatment is relatively painless and most people see a massive reduction in hair regrowth. Our highly trained therapists can permanently remove excess hair from most areas of the face and body using the safe and efficient Pulsar IPL laser hair removal system.  We also offer temporary hair removal using waxing.  Find out more here.

Anti-Ageing Treatments with IPL Photo Rejuvenation

IPL Photo Rejuvenation is an effective treatment for reducing the signs of ageing such as wrinkles or age spots on the face, neck and hands.  The pulses of light will improve the tone and appearance of your skin, while delivering thermal energy to deeper tissue, increasing collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Normally three to five treatments are required at three weekly intervals to achieve peak levels of collagen production following treatment. The results can last up to a year. 

Thread Vein Removal

Thread Veins, or spider veins are small clusters of blue or red veins that most commonly appear on the face or legs. They can cause superficial marks and blemishes but are not usually harmful. 

Our expert beauty therapists at our George Street salon in Edinburgh can treat spider or thread veins using Pulsar IPL therapy. The energy from the light will be absorbed by the vein which gradually dissolves and disappears. 

The number of treatments you will need will depend on the area of the body and the density of the vein. Treatments are normally at four to six-week intervals.

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