It’s great when the days start getting longer, we wake up and the sky is blue, we go home from work and it’s still light, it makes us feel so much better to get some sunshine after the harsh realities of the winter months.

It’s only March, but the signs are all positive …. we look like having a good year weather wise (watch this space).

Of course many of us will be booking our holidays, getting ready to jet off to the sunshine and a much hotter climate.

The tick box list we prepare for our holidays covers off all the necessary items we need:

Summer clothes, Bikini, shots, sarong, make-up, sun tan lotions, after sun, everything we need to ensure we have a fabulous time and come back with a glorious tan!

Sometimes though, we forget about hair! No doubt about it, highlights, roots, hair-cut will be sorted before we go, and then we let the sun bake the goodness, the moisture and the colour out from our hair.

That’s why, here at Cheynes we recommend: System Professional Solar












Hair & Body Shampoo:

Gently moisturizes the hair, removing sunscreen, salt and chlorine residue on the hair and skin. It improves combability and leaves the hair fresh, light and shiny. It is equally effective on the skin, gently removing waterproof sun lotions and hydrolipid residues. Pepares the skin for moisturization. Can be used as a daily sports shampoo, for men and for women. With HelioRestore Complex.

Hydra Repair Conditioner:

The conditioner, with HelioRestore complex, repairs sun damage and intensively replaces moisture lost through salt and chlorine water. It improves combability instantly.

Sun Oil:

Instantly adds softness during and after sun exposure. The UV filters, combined with a luxurious blend of oils, deeply condition and protect the keratin for lasting smoothness.

Sealing Cream:

Daily Protecting Cream for deep nourishment, that protects against UV radiation and the damaging effects of salt and chlorinated water.

Ask your Cheynes stylist about the combination of products you need for your holiday hair to look as fabulous when you come back home as it does whilst you are away enjoying the sunshine. And don’t forget, it’s good to use suncare products when the sun is shining here too!

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