Which Hair Extensions Should I Choose?

A Guide To The Best Hair Extensions In Edinburgh

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Beautiful hair using tape extensions at Cheynes

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to completely transform your look, adding length and colour to your hair, but they can also be used to give volume to thin or fine hair too.

In this Guide to Hair Extensions, the team at Edinburgh’s top hair salons tell you all you need to know about hair extensions.  If you’re interested in having hair extensions, book in for a consultation at Cheynes George Street on 0131 220 0777 or Cheynes in York Place on 0131 558 1010.  

We use the best hair extensions and will be delighted to discuss the look you are after give you a quote and explain the whole process from beginning to end.  

We offer an extensive range of hair extensions and aftercare, providing you with endless creative opportunities to achieve beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. Find out more about our hair extensions service here.

Which Hair Extensions Are Right For My Hair?

Hair extensions come in a wide range of colours, lengths, widths, hair textures and can be either real hair or synthetic hair. There are also different ways in which to attach the hair extension.  Rest assured, our expert extensions specialists will make sure your natural hair is left undamaged. 

Are Human Hair Extensions The Best?

If you want natural looking hair, we would highly recommend human hair extensions – also known as Remy hair.  High-quality hair extension brands such as our extensions are ethically sourced and guaranteed.

Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality human hair because the hair is the same length and perfectly preserved, with the hair strands all lying in the same direction.  This means your hair will be much less likely to tangle and will look shiny and silky.

Human hair extensions can be dyed, styled with hot tools, washed and treated like your own hair. 

Synthetic hair extensions are much cheaper than Remy extensions and do not blend easily with your own hair.  They can, however, be great fun to wear for fun occasions as they come in vibrant colours such as reds, blues and purples.

How Long Will My Hair Extensions Stay In My Hair?

Your hair extensions should remain in your hair for between three months and a year, depending on which fixing method you choose and how well you look after them.  Talk to your Cheynes hair extensions specialist for after-care advice such as the right products to use in your hair, how to wash your hair, and may even suggest you put your hair into a loose braid or ponytail when sleeping.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

There are lots of extensions available, from inexpensive clip in hair that can be bought over the counter, to luxurious collections. We chose the hair extensions we use because:

  • the quality of the hair is exceptional,
  • the methods of adding extensions to natural hair is gentle,
  • the effect is stunning because the extension sits so comfortably with your own hair,
  • the maintenance is simple and
  • the lifespan of the hair is the best we have ever come across.

Here are some of the different types of hair extensions and some terms that you may have heard but are, perhaps, not quite sure about!

Micro Weft Hair Extensions 

Micro weft extensions – Small sections of human hair (wefts) are affixed using strategically positioned micro rings.  The wefts sit flat to the head and, with good care, will remain in place for more than three months.  With no braiding or sewing, damage to the hair is minimised and these hair extensions are much more comfortable for the wearer.  No glue. no heat, no sewing, no braiding, just great natural looking hair extensions!

Clip-in Hair Extensions or Hair Wefts – Clip-in hair extensions or hair wefts come with a clip or little comb attached to them.  You can then position these in your hair and take them out at the end of the evening.  They remain firmly in place but are not recommended for long-term use.  Bring them out every now and then when you want a special new hair look.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions – Your hair extensions will be attached around your natural hair using a special ultrasound device which performs cold bonding.  Cold fusion is much kinder on your hair because it attaches the extension without using heat.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions – An adhesive such as glue, wax or keratin is used to attach your hair extensions.  Heat is applied to ensure they remain in place.  Make sure your extensionist is experienced if you choose the hot fusion method as you do not want the adhesive to damage your natural hair.

Taped  Hair Extensions –  Hair extensions are attached to your natural hair with tape which is attached around your natural hair.  Easy to attach and easy to remove.

Microbead Hair Extensions – Small sections of your hair will be threaded through a silicone-lined metal bead.  The bonded end of the hair extension is then crimped shut.  Microbead hair extensions can be reused again and again, even after removal.