Colour Correction

Cheynes Hairdressing Salons in Edinburgh – Experts in Correcting Hair Colour Problems

If you have had a hair colour disaster after using a box-dye at home or elsewhere, don’t panic. You’ll be pleased to learn that we are experts in hair colour correction at all five of our Edinburgh salons.

First step? Come in and see our colour experts as soon as you possibly can so that we can assess the damage. We can then work together on a plan of action to correct your hair colour and improve its appearance.

Common Hair Colour Problems

Don’t be embarrassed about showing us your hair colour problems. Our team of hair colour technicians have seen and corrected hundreds of hair colour issues.

Help – my hair colour has turned yellow!

We can correct hair colour that is too brassy or yellow and sort out unsightly bands of colour that have overlapped. We will assess each part of your hair to correct your hair colour problem. This will mean dealing with each strand individually using different techniques, colours and tones on each section of hair.

Help – my hair is dry and brittle after colouring

Hair that is over-processed can become dry and brittle. Your hair colour can also appear dull when it has been exposed to harsh elements such as the sun’s harmful rays, sea salt or pool chlorine. Our first step is to restore some of the lost moisture in your hair. We have a number of high-quality products and treatments that can help to return your hair to a more healthy state.

Fix Your Hair Colour Problem at Cheynes Hairdressing Salons in Central Scotland 

Call our hair colour experts at Cheynes today to book your hair colour correction consultation. Find your nearest salon below, or read more on hair colour services at Cheynes here.