Guys: Cool Since 1976








Guys hair has been an integral part of the Cheynes Artistic teams work since we started creating imagery that represented our company.

Of late there has been a huge surge in the popularity of classic barber haircuts that has created a definite trend for contemporary styles with classic shape and structure.

One of our most popular collections  shows the true craftsmanship of barbering with short back and sides, and heavier top layers.

The image below is a classic gents style, tight cropped hair through the sides and back, with a heavy, long fringe, groomed to perfection, the  shine further enhancing the shape.








Here we see a timeless style, short through the sides with a bold quiff swept back from the face. The look is reminiscent of Hollywood film stars, but given a modern twist with the casual floppy fringe.










A more contemporary flavour here, the hair is still classic in its shape, tight through the perimeter with a heavier fringe area swept across the brow. It’s the textured area through the crown that makes this a more edgy guys hair cut.


Here we push the boundaries of guys hair, with a strong statement making style. longer through the sides, heavier on the top and dressed with a  style that is quirky and daring. A more stylised haircut for a gent who likes to stand out from the crowd.










Our gents collections are always interesting as they allow the creative team to push boundaries and experiment. But every now and again it’s great to show classic, signature shapes that show skill and experience. We like to think this collection does both.

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